Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Music is Life

The first two songs are among those "we" always sang when Hazel and I were in the car together every Friday, so hopefully that jogs a memory for her (but they're not the same versions - J.J. does get softer in both.)
The Living Years, I'm beyond that "theory" but I think most of us go through it, and for me it was my mom, I came to realize I HAD been and WASN'T, any more, blaming.
The western songs were my Dad's favorites.  He loved LOTS of music but little of it is available on this playlist.  My Dad had few vices and few hobbies, but the latest in sound equipment was one.  It was second to his love of reading/learning.  And because I love and admire him so, I feel the same about his music.
When You Wish and Que Sera were songs he sang to the three of us as children, and Grant remembers him singing When You Wish.  Once I started to sing it after he died and Grant asked me to stop because it made him miss him.  This is the same version (Doris Day) I heard as a preteen, other than my Dad singing it in response to my worries.
I'm Proud my Dad heard for the first time at an early birthday party for Grant at Chucky Cheese - the bear sang it, and he found it so touching tears ran down his cheeks.
Battle Hymn by MoTab was on the national top 20 list when I was in my 20's, living in Michigan.  (It's "broken" and they're fixing it.)
A-Ha, Grant and Jewel's babysitter wanted to go to their concert at Abravanel Hall and her mom said she could go if she could find an adult to take her.  I was worried about hearing loss for several hours after!
Listen to the Rhythm was a favorite the summer I was 15.  Night on Bald Mountain by Massorgsky has been a favorite since college.  The Mariner's Revenge I'll blame on Grant getting me hooked due to our mutual sick humor "appreciation."  Most of those I share it with look at me askance (if they look at all).  MTA I used to sing the Kingston Trio version (which is a tad better than this one) as a teen at the top of my voice (when alone).
Short People - what can I say.
Spirit in the Sky - Grant teases me about my funeral (pine box and the obit will say ONLY "She died."), so I told him this is my requested song (which is a no, of course).

(I love to put Janeil's blog music on, a quiet Sunday evening.  She says mine's more for energizing her while cleaning house!)