Friday, April 17, 2015

A Study in HARD Work

This is my last post reporting on yard work in the corner of the french lilac, which as I said previously, is very leggy due to being blocked for so many years.  I have yet to decide what to do about lowering the canopy now it's done blooming.

It's done a little early, due to a storm that hit (our fourth of the season, and only one of them required shoveling, courtesy of Grant).  This latest storm had huge winds, 70 MPH on the 14th out in Tooele, causing a 17-car pile-up and one death.  We had plenty of warning to batten down the hatches.  These pictures were my last chance, the fullest bloom it reached before the weather took it's toll.

 This is the one to compare to the prior post - all the deadwood, too big for me to cut.
Took a power saw to get it out.

 The last three are trying to get a decent shot of the mountains.
The lighting was very poor, but the best I could expect the rest of the day.