Sunday, June 7, 2015

Daddy Would Be Proud ...

... of this era's crew neatness - replaced the 1948 gas line,
probably originally placed by Dad's crew.  He won the first gas line bid
for the company in 1947, and he ran that crew.
 In my Dad’s day, the crews sat around together eating lunch out of
each’s own home-brought pail, whereas nowadays they break away
and go off for an hour for lunch.
(Grandpa/Dad would have been appalled at the waste of time and money.)

Got invited to Raygen's Kindergarten graduation.
Barely missed seeing Lucy's last year but Ruth sent me the movie.

 Roses from Dad.

 The whites of her eyes (on the left).

Hayden completed 4th grade and, sweetheart brother that he is,
asked his teacher for permission to attend her graduation.

Barely got my glasses in time for the trip!
(Ordered May 1, finally able to pick up May 25.)
Now I need to walk a lot to hopefully regain some loss of balance,
after almost a year of relying on my old ones,
and giving up on a hopeful reduction in the blind spot.

It's actually both an improvement and a loss.
Great vision now in the left, but also better able to see
the permanent distortion and spot in the right.

One more house project accomplished:

 Replaced the lower single-pane with double E-glass.
(Note the Fugals' truck parked out front.)

 Now I need a painter for the trim (plus eight more windows trim also in need).
Next project - replacing the porch carpet.
Have really enjoying this plant's blossoming.