Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Fotos

Winding down from my adventure.
Not good necessarily, considering I’ll be getting up
in five hours to get ready for work.

First picture – the February full moon, from my back yard.
 Then, my belated birthday party with Lucy, Hazel, Ruth and Grant.
(Deee-lish-shus.)  ((And very thoughtful.))
 Lucy on the monkey bars and Hazel’s self photo, at a nearby park.
Dinner at Chuy’s Tex Mex Restaurant
complete with its signature Creamy jalapeƱo Dip.

 Snacks at Brazos Bend, notable for its alligators.   
  It was cool with a light rain and this eyeball was the only sighting. 
 This next picture was taken in the park in 2009 –
hangs on the wall in the nature center. 
 The girls got to pet a baby alligator.  (And a snake.)
 Spent an evening at the gigantic Houston Museum of Fine Arts
while the girls went to the parent group's weekly tending rotation.

Fun to go to their ward.
Hazel gave a talk in Primary about the blessings of choosing the right.
Grant also spoke in Primary about the same.
Ruth gave the TFOT R.S. lesson.
All three of them were outstanding.

Met Grant’s convert friend here in political asylum from Africa (French Congo),
and he is working very hard to bring his wife and three children.
He gave me a beautiful complete Kaftan!
(Wrapper, headscarf and blouse - "iro ee-roe, gele gae-lae, and buba boo-bah.")

Took Grant’s friend to Smash Burger on Monday
and had lots of fun at the Houston Zoo,
complete with the train and the carousel rides.    

 A marmot on sentinel.
 Hazel and Lucy playing bongos in the pigmy village. 

 Mr. & Mrs. Lion. (Giving each other affectionate mug rubs.)
 A flamingo flocking.

Made “snow” for FHE.

Tended this morning while Grant and Ruth made a trip to the temple, about a one-way hour’s drive.

Now that they have a cat (since I last visited), they put the hide-a-bed in with the girls so I could close the door, and we all slept like rocks.  (Eventually.)

Other than than all of the above, Ruth cooked up some very yummy meals including pulled pork tortillas, Yorkshire pudding, Brazilian cheese mini muffins, etc., etc.  Plus we enjoyed dishes of Oreo cookie ice cream from the Blue Bell Creamery in Brenham, Texas.  (They bake their own Oreos.)

 Timp finally got a coating of white, I noted, on the way home.

 Thanks for having me!  Look forward to the next visit!