Saturday, September 26, 2015

Mission Accomplished

Not the "real" mission, the mission of the moment.  And this blog is for my kids, Grant especially, who freaked when I answered what I was going to do today.  Hehe.

First off, I need to give my two cents plug for physical therapy.  Two weeks ago I wouldn't have been able to have this item on my to-do list.  And I'm grateful to know the specific exercises needed to keep my knees as mobile as possible.  I even bought a board so I could continue with this particular exercise (the rest need no specific equipment I don't already have):

And Grant, I'd love it if the next time you're here, you lug it downstairs for me.

 Almost done.

 Note the sky hook to more safely get down.  :-)

All done.
(Next time I'll add socks and gloves relative to leaning on the rough surface.)
And no worries, I wouldn't think of doing the other two on the more angled sides.
(Have already paid to have them checked.)
And yes, I had my phone in a velcro pocket around my neck, just in case.  ;-)
Not that I expect I'd survive the fall, mind you - 
just in case I knocked the ladder over.

Friday, September 25, 2015

From Rest & Relaxation to Frazzled & Frenetic

Went to Oregon for 12 days in August.
Early morning balloon show interloper.
 The reaction to Sheryl informing an unnamed opponent,
"Don't play the game if you're not going to play it right."
 The zip line pond.
Libby's Leap.
 Uncle Michael, the baby whisperer.  (Ava, Stephanie & Jeff's recent addition.)
 Mike, the breakfast gourmet french toast griller (Safeway's Artisan French bread).
 Janeil, at Alsea Falls.
 The U&T & plates replica, courtesy of Carl & Eldon, for the church's Camp Alpine.
 Ken's alien copter.
 Janeil, beside the anchor to Eldon's confidence course contribution.
Neil with Gideon wearing my favorite t-shirt of the day.
The last morning - Ken swabbing the deck.
 Huge pine in the rose park where the next picture was also taken.
Second best to the Olsen reunion, was when it was too stormy to go to the coast,
so Janeil and I spent the day researching Scarborough & Garner & two Baker lines
for Jewel's Johnny in FamilySearch and!
(Found masses of them!)
Magnet handout for my VT conference lesson given the Sunday after getting home.
A lesson in patience - assigned out; failed to execute;
lucky for me FedEx was open until 9 p.m. that Saturday night!
Final projects of the year - new commode and paint
(also the outside trim).
The painting was another exercise in patience, let me tell ya!
(Took two months & two weeks to complete.)
Spiffyfying the porch for the Fugal reunion visitors, the following Saturday.
 Various angles of Hannah's spinning wheel, restored by Great Grandson Steve Holdaway.
He replaced the missing spindles, and foot treadle.
Now fully operational!
 (Her loom was restored by Fugals Sons Company
and resides in the DUP Bell School downtown.)
 Cool charts in the Seminary building were I serve my mission two days a week.

 Talked in ward conference the following Saturday,
and the Stake President & his wife brought me a few flowers from the podium bouquet.
 Fall, just around the corner.
The much needed evening calming view from my front porch.