Thursday, June 24, 2010

Don't tell anybody but we have landed some doozies including Chad Hymas and Jalon Watts for our summer training meetings. Even though we pay our staff of about 110 to attend these trainings each August, we try to dress them up so that they benefit from some lingering enthusiasm. I'm thinking adding this

to our email signatures is giving us some valuable clout!

Chad Hymas is labeled by the Wall Street Journal as one of the 10 most inspirational people in the world. Last year he spoke at 160 different events and traveled over 180,000 miles. He's shared his personal message and entertained many audiences including Wells Fargo, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Coca Cola, and the Utah Jazz.

Jalon Watts you'll see on American Idol, mark my words! He's 12, and after you click off my music, here are two of his recent recordings:

I'm hoping you have time to listen to them - he's unbelievable and unforgettable! Hummmm. Oxymoron?

I also put his rendition of "I Will Always Love You" in the ReverbNation sidebar widget if you'd like to hear one more of significantly better quality than the version on youtube. (Open it, click on the arrow middle of the page on the top black bar.)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Looking forward to Father's Day coming up as there'll actually be one
to honor at my house this year ... namely, Johnny Powell Scarborough IV.
(And yes, the familiar is the formal given name.)

Another plus is BOTH grandchildren are coming!
And fitting, for many reasons including all the T-ball and baseball time
Johnny has devoted to Hayden. Jewel said Hayden
was suddenly and thoroughly bored
once the season ended.
Johnny was one of the coaches for a baseball team
and so besides T-ball, Hayden tagged to those games too
where he got a lot of extra support and attention.

Here's a picture of the two of them two summers ago.

I was kinda surprised that no one commented
on the Neil Fugal picture I recently posted,
as it seems to me I see some of his features in his posterity.
Scroll back down and tell me what you think!

And here's another one of interest.
I was so surprised to first see Lucy whom I thought
was the first baldy
to join the ranks (in my line, anyway).

Looking for the prior post picture of Neil, I found this [!!]:

Neil Y. Fugal (born 14 Feb 1913) with his then only sibling, Melba

Happy Fathers Day to all you family dads! Hope you have a great day!