Sunday, July 18, 2010


Not that I would ever expect you to look back, but on April 10th, I did a post about my weird sense of humor going back further than I care to admit, and I put what I could remember of a high school bus activity song I dreamed up. I'm reposting the words here because I was looking for an Irving Berlin number in my sheet music today and found THIS! (The Cub Scout song I years later dreamed up to the same tune.) ((I'd taped in in the back of a 1939 camp song booklet of Mom's.))
So it's more for "my record" than for anything else. J

Original version circa 1961:
(as best I can remember - a couple lines gone the way of my aged sloughed off brain cells)

I'm a villain, a dirty rotten villain,
I put poison in my mother's shredded wheat, her wheat.

I have gotten a rep for being rotten,
And I beat little kids on the head 'til they're dead.

I'm a slob and a member of the mob
and I eat (sucking through teeth noise) raw (s.n.) meat (s.n./s.n.).

Cub version circa late 1980's:
(probably past Grant's Wolf days, however)

We are Cub Scouts, such very helpful Cub Scouts,
We do our duty to our God and country, our country.

We're so fair and we'd never take a dare,
We give grandma hugs and will never take drugs!

We have never gotten a rep for being rotten
We will always remember to give good will, good will.

With the help of Akela and Baloo
We will always pursue what is right and true!

P.S., I'd x'd a few of the camp songs, but I can't remember if we ever used them in Cubs. Such as:

She'll Be Coming 'round the Mountain
Polly Wolly Doodle
O Susanna
Dinah ("Someone's in the kitchen...")
Hey, Ho!
Weather the Weather
We're Glad to See You Here (to Farmer in the Dell)
Three Fishermen
My Grandfather's Clock
Hiking Song ("Tramp, tramp, tramp...")
Hiking ("Over hill, over dale...")
There's a Church in the Wildwood

I have cherished memories of singing those songs as a kid. When we pass on, I'd think it very sweet to sit around a campfire and sing those songs again with my loved ones. Maybe we could reprise a few at the reunion.