Saturday, April 21, 2012

Calling All Grandkids!!

 Say goodbye to the swing!  Supposedly (again) the Webbs are going to take it.
 Say your prayers they don't destroy something in the process.
(My Dad used a flat bed trailer to bring it over from Lehi,
and lowered it with a crane.  In 1981.)
 Above, the forsythia at it's height.  Below - look what the wind blew in.
It's called Oregon Grape, and the fruit is edible (but not necessarily tasty).
I actually know where it came from -
the main street Smith's grocery store family that
lived on 300 N.
The white lilac is looking pretty leggy.
Meant to have Grant lower it three or four feet when he was here last summer.
 This lilac is in full bloom, a goner for Memorial Day.

 Above, flowering quince by the front porch.
The light's not too good on that side, this time of day, but you get the idea.
Below, the French Lilac (not fully out yet).
For whatever reason, these tulips get the biggest, look and last the best.

My first crop - radishes.
Also planted chives, peas and carrots.
The rest, from the PHS greenhouse, will go in next week.
This is a spoof skit put on by state Child Nutrition staff yesterday
at the Justice Center in SLC.
The demise of the old meal pattern.
Each put something in a coffin - such as ...
a piece of pizza (new regs make pizza taste/look nasty), a deli roll
(way too much grain for anyone ever to consider eating supposedly),
former nutrition-based planning production records, etc.
(It was hilarious.)
((Thanks, Michelle, for the nth degree socialized job security.))

They also showed this movie which was crazy funny
(turn off my playlist, top right):
(Fillmore Utah School District Wellness Policy)