Saturday, March 10, 2012

Childhood Artistry

A pleasant surprise came in the mail today:
 Thank You Hazel!!  kiki
Reminds me of the Move Your Body song
on my playlist
which starts out "Jump!, Jump!"
Also reminds me, Hazel, that I promised to show you
your Dad's childhood drawings.

But first, here is one drawn by Hayden at age 6.
(Hayden is now 7 and Hazel is now 5.)
Hayden told me when he was in kindergarten
art was his favorite part of the day.

 Here's one of Uncle Grant's,

Hayden and Hazel.  He liked to cut his out too.
I wrote on the back that he said the one on the left
was his very own computer.
He drew these three when he was 4:
 This one also when he was 4 and in preschool:
He wrote in on the back of this
(answers given for his teacher to write down):
Now Jewel got gypped in the childhood artistry department.
Meaning she didn't get the opportunity and encouragement she should have.
Because she saw Mom and Grant writing with their left hands,
she figured that was what she should do too,
and it wasn't until she was 12 we found out she actually
was supposed to be right-handed.
Their monster pictures
(Grant's at age 5 is cut out;
Jewel's at almost 3 is on the front of the R.S. bulletin):
(Hard to believe all the changes since spirit master duplicators!)
Jewel drew these of all our then pets when she was 9:

 (This one made me laugh - she accentuated his teeth
and one of her favorite things to do was tease him and run!)
I have many Mother's Day savings but
rummaging through their boxes, these also made me laugh/smile:

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Miscellanea

Arrived late Friday night.
Jewel had a busy day at school, made up bagged sets
so the 1st graders could celebrate Dr. Seuss Day,
complete with the icing in individual baggies
corner clipped and ready to spread.
 That night, Hayden lost his first tooth.
 Saturday morning, after blowing up the birthday balloons,
Daddy and Raygen gave each other the rose-colored eye.
 This was Raygen's pick for Hayden's best gift,
a fancy Nerf gun.
(His favorite was an electric scooter.)
 Another craft project of Jewel's for the ward's
V.T. conference Sunday,
and they all received a decorated heart cookie
(wrapped for take-home since it was Fast Sunday).
Jewel was asked to comment on her feelings
about her experience with visiting teachers,
and half a dozen sisters shed a few tears.
 Had a great Monday visiting with Jewel
and when Dad and Hayden got home,
we went to dinner at BJ's.
Raygen insisted on wearing a skirt, and bringing her purse
whereupon she revealed it's contents while we waited for our orders.
We had this as an appetizer:
It was totally delish (as was everything else).
Spring rolls stuffed with avocado, cream cheese,
sun-dried tomatoes, red onions, cilantro,
pine nuts, chipolte peppers.
Johnny had a cobb salad:
Jewel and I had veggie whole wheat crust pizza:
And Jewel and I shared a beignet:
Tuesday was a busy day at work,
and we also visited a school
where the kids danced to this video,
along with the principal:
(turn off playlist)
I always try to find interesting school related things to photograph,
such as this in the main hall:
I also noted that phys ed teacher had posted a Sports Illustrated
column on the wall in the cafeteria, below.
She voluntarily taught the students our dance and said
they want to keep doing it as part of their activity choices.

When I was in the hall, looking for the hall photo op above,
one of the classes let out for lunch and spying me,
memorable for my hair (and agedness no doubt),
said, "They're here!" and sprinted for the cafeteria.

I must say, however,
that the main attraction each year is Ally,
who leads them in our themed dances:

Parting shot:  wink