Friday, October 29, 2010

Craziness at work. Again.
I guess we have a good excuse
since we were knee deep in Halloween festivities.

The boss hung up a full-sized skeleton in a black cape
with arms outstretched.
Oddly we all noticed that when we're in there
having a conversation with her,
I'd drift back into it.
I said I must be needing a hug
and it was the closest I'd ever get.
Which prompted Colleen to snap a picture
to send out to all the school kitchen managers
and clerks captioned,
"Gail's Not Lonely Anymore,"
and with the announcement "Gail meets Al."
Which caused one of them to respond,
"Wedding bells?"
I said to answer, "Over Gail's dead body."

Then the field supervisor arrived,
all decked out for Halloween,
and she snapped the next picture,
which she sent out captioned,
"Love Triangle," and says,
"WillaMEANa tries to steal Al from Gail!"
(His name is William.)
At the end of the day I wished them all
a Happy Halloween,
and said that mine was looking up ...
now I'd met Al. "(If Bill would just go home!)"

Bill, of course, being bold enough to dress up like that,
also hammed it up
when we went to one of the schools
to document their celebration.
It was literally chaos when we showed up.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010

27"/Intel Core i7 Processor (Yes it's very fast!)

I "had" to buy a new chair. Whoever built this desk was a moron. To get a chair that fits both the desk and the typing stand is impossible. And whoever sits at the desk part, even if the chair fits, would have to be very tall with itsy humeruses unless of course she also likes having her chin on the desk as she uses it. It was a "fire sale" ... Norma had a desk that fit on this wall (in a different place entirely) and as they were winding down (and far over budget) she insisted they build one and attach it to the wall. Hence the slap-together-ness and who cares if it defies logic.

The restoration company actually called me. They didn't remember disassembling any charred desk and I was the "character reference" to its existence. Well I remember typing in that corner on the old IBM Selectric II.

I'm using the typing stand part now because of what's on it! We got new computers at work. This one is 24" and my new one is a 27" - the biggest iMac they make. (Yes, the techies are even jealous - only one of them has a computer this fast.) Our techie said we should buy our old ones. I said it was against the regs. He said no, they've changed, we should inquire, they'd look up the value and that's what we'd pay which would be a heck of a lot cheaper than getting same thing any other way. Works for me!

Turned out, however, that they're only doing that for folks who retire, or for folks that buy the older or lower line Macs. So I said I'd retire. Winking smile They said how about you take it home and buy it when you do retire. Not only will it be cheaper by then, I may be able to buy the 27-incher by then. Meanwhile, I have free techie service! Works for me!