Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Heart Today

This is my favorite picture of my Dad, and coincidentally he was the same age I am when it was taken.  Not sure why (it's my favorite).  Could it be because it was taken on his honeymoon including a place I've long longed to visit... or taken on his honeymoon with a new wife who became an important part of our family... or taken on his honeymoon which he flat "earned".  Meaning he worked hard, saved wisely, was well versed in the intricacies of the gospel, geography and generosity, all of which culminated in such a journey.

Neil Y. Fugal, born 100 years ago:  February 14, 1913.  Lois invited me to celebrate Mom's 100th last summer by going to the temple, and so today we're off to the temple again, then dinner at:

Bluelemon is a gourmet type restaurant in three locations in Utah - City Creek downtown SLC, Cottonwood Heights, and out in Highland on the Alpine Highway.  We're going early as I'm sure, like most decent restaurants, it will be packed.  It will be kinda weird in a way because, of course, Don's coming too and hopefully no one will accuse us of being a polygamist family!  As happened when we went on our 2007 Nauvoo trip.  Wasn't funny then, wouldn't be funny now.  But I must say, Don was very gracious about it, and obviously he's comfortable today as well or dinner wouldn't have been included in the invite.

Celebrated a little yesterday as well.  One of the kitchen managers brought heart-shaped sugar cookies and the boss brought all of us a treat from, none other than:

Ummm, my favorite:  Mexican Wedding Cookies

One year a co-worker brought a bunch of videos to the office for me to pick/watch on Valentine's Day, which was very nice of her and I did take her up on the offer.  Not that I need to treat this day differently in order to survive it.  I do plan to do the same tonight:  "Dear Frankie."  Kinda weird, I'm sure, as Valentine's fare, but I'm on an occasional Gerard Butler kick (after seeing Phantom).  Now the last one of his I saw was "One Last Kiss" which one might also think fits the occasion but soooo not!   (And no, Janeil, my only reader, I can only recommend Phantom of the three, to you.)

I blame Grant moving to Houston for this blogging business, his suggestion, and now I'm basically the only one in our family who posts with any regularity.  But as I said in my last post, it's now my only journaling.  So it's okay.  Whatever.  And it will be awhile before Janeil can even comment.  She and Eldon are off on their own earned adventure:  Guatemala/Veracruz/Mexico City, "Nephi to Cumorah" [II as per FARMS/FAIR people].  No doubt even more exciting than Daddy's.  A donkey ride or  Mayan ruins:  I'd take the latter.  Or both!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Journal Journey

I had this great "deal" courtesy of my first boss at the district, where I could print anything personal at the going cost-of-paper rate.  So the first seven extra fat binders have been a bargain, that coupled with using old on-their-way-to-the-trash binders.  Those days are gone.  Not because the deal died but because the PA bought us a stupid nonduplexing replacement printer.  I've got enough fuel already for the wiener roast/smores party after I depart, without going single-sided.  Insert wink.

Stopped printing it at that point in time which snowballed into not keeping it at all, which really only meant my life's earmarkings were pretty much blogging, which was fine since my need to vent/visit my journal psychiatrist, pretty much ended in 2005.  Insert another wink.

Got home yesterday from five days in St. George.  We left early Sunday.  Both my boss and I have late  church now, so there was no avoiding missing it, add the bad weather, we arrived well before dark at the Marriott.  I was pleased to note they had a recumbent bike in the exercise room:
It definitely was fancier than the one I bought, as you can readily see, but for $2,000 less, mine's super dandy enough.  It didn't record the calories burned, like mine does, but it did accurately record heartbeat and mine doesn't.  (Will if I buy the chest strap - and it does not present itself as being accurate without it.)  Plus the less techie screen on mine is generated by foot power, not electrical, a preference.

My newest favorite treat, courtesy of Jewel:

Jewel more often than not, comes up for my one free evening.  We ate at Texas Rodehouse and shopped till we dropped.  :)  Not that we bought much, mind you, but it was way fun looking/planning.  I was in an extra happy mood that day because it was such a relief not to have to cancel.  Monday night I got deathly sick and sat up in bed most of the night fighting nausea and vertigo, with my empty ice bucket beside me. The entirely white bedding didn't help me relax any.   Fully expected to be worse the next day, but felt fine.  We did note a lot of sickness amongst our peers, however.

That night, 3:30 a.m., I watched the best movie, highly recommend it:  Tales of Manhattan (1942) with Rita Hayworth, Charles Boyer, Henry Fonda, Ginger Rogers, Charles Laughton, and  Edward G. Robinson.  It was about a cursed tuxedo coat as it travels from owner to owner.  The movie, per Wiki, was protested for stereotyping, which is interesting.  I thought protesting stereotyping concerns were a PC-day phenom.  Well, I guess any stereotyper worth his/her salt, would think that.  Insert yet another wink.  So I suppose  maybe you'd best not watch it if you can't view the past with any fondness.  I think it probably gets harder as time passes.  You loved your parents/grandparents and respected their opinions, so you have a little more empathy for their existence than you might for cultures further back.  But your understanding and patience grows, the more you know, so that's a good thing if you can give it enough attention to do so.

This is a Utah State Office of Education conference, and the above was the theme.

Here's the poster event, my boss Jenny talking to passersby and Bill sampling the wares.
The handouts were my idea, but a USU intern developed the plan for both them and the posters.
 She did an excellent job.
(More info on the back sides, including the ingredient actual product codes.)

Matt Townsend was our conference closing presenter and he was hilariously excellent. Lives in Utah, a couples counselor, and he talked about "getting along" (as in surviving federal mandates). He has radio and TV segments each week on KSL, and is up-and-coming, if FB likes means anything.

It's good to be home.  Yes, it was my H.T. who moved my snow when the last huge storm hit in December, and someone else took care of it this time as well (different pattern so different person). Not a nicer present to be given when you arrive home after several stormy days!

[P.S. Bummer.  Cost me $25 to get my journal updated on duplexed Ink Jet pages. (Third the price Laser would be.)  Cannot recommend that place - their ink jet is extremely lousier than even mine at home!  (But it would cost me much more than that in ink to print that many pages.)  I am so surprised they thought it was good enough.  Might be the paper - it's nice but slick.  So I guess I'm back to staying late one night and hand-feeding the work nonduplexer.  :-( ]