Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Houston Style

Hazel loves her sock monkey, as you can readily see.

Lucy's pretty happy with hers too, of course, along with her first trike.

Hazel's first bike.
Suspect Grant's having more fun with Hazel's bike than Hazel.
Ruth pegged it instantly: Grooming another tightwad in the family??

Ruth's favorite present was from Grant: A new fancy Coolpix camera (above).
Made the rounds of the parks. This one is in their apartment complex.

Another nearby park.
Lucy makes her escape!

And other happy news.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We had to make silly movies at work for our upcoming Christmas party, each of us answering three questions. [I tried to make a fourth - telling the techies to get over it that my chair shows and the background's not in the background, but that one worked correctly! so hang that one. :) ]
"All I Want for Christmas"

"My Favorite Christmas Eve Tradition (in one sentence)"
"If I could be a Super Hero, who/why?"