Friday, July 15, 2011

Raygen Turned Two

Quick tip to Vegas.
Picked up Grant from BYU and got to Jewel's late that Friday night.
Jewel did, among many things, what she does best -
threw a fab family party
in honor of Raygen turning two.
First time ever the extended Scarboroughs
have met Grant/Ruth and family,
and first grandchild birthday party for me
with both Grant/Jewel's families.
Grant meets Johnny's grandparents - Bobbie and Robert London
who are the salt of the earth kind of people
anyone would love to spend time with.

Raygen's favorite, and repeatedly asked for: a cup with crushed ice.

Raygen with Johnny's mom, Robin.
(Note the "fascinator" in her hair.)

(Sorry, "Pop", for chopping your head off!)

Long-time family friend, Renee,
who tended Johnny and Seth as a teenager,
and now lends support when a sitter is needed for Raygen.
(And still doesn't look much older than a teenager,
though she has one in the middle of three children of her own!)

Grant and Ruth's gift - a tea set from Beauty and the Beast,
and a mini tea-party with Hazel and "Grandmommy".

(Go to Jewel's cooking blog to get this recipe - an Oreo in the bottom,
still crispy, though topped with still moist cake a day later - .)

Relative to souvenir shopping in Orlando,
it took me awhile to get into any kind of a groove.
Diane and I ate at the Rainforest Cafe and when I realized,
waiting in line for a table,
there was a RC in both Vegas and Houston,
I bought the grandkids (way too-big) t-shirts
and gift certificates for the parents
so they could go to their respective RC's.
Then we ended up deciding to make a family trip of it
to the MGM after Raygen's birthday party (and naps).

Hayden asked if he could borrow my camera,
and came back with the three aquariam shots above.
Took better quality shots than most of mine, that's for sure!

Turns out the Houston RC is the last hold-out
using real sparklers
on top of the volcano dessert!
It was totally tasty - brownies topped with ice cream,
whipped topping and caramel drizzle.
(The blue is a reflection from the ceiling night sky.)
((My second close encounter with a volcano dessert
within a monthish - the first in Orlando actually "erupting",
and each unique and delicious in its own way.))
Wandering through the Belaggio after dinner,
in search of the fountains
which danced to "I'm Proud to Be An American!"
(See Ruth's blog for actual pictures of the fountains.)

Church Sunday, a scrumptious lunch,
and Dora the Explorer all the way home! (Almost.)

Thanks, Jewel and Johnny, for a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tarzan's Bathtub and The Falls up Battle Creek

Purportedly a two mile hike, trailhead to The Falls and back.