Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saint George in January

I was the lone ranger from our district in St. George at the state's
Winter Conference for Child Nutrition Programs.
A first.  My boss couldn't go so I took prolific notes - on paper, iPhone, HP Elite.

These first three pictures were on the drive down.
Since I had a Monday a.m. meeting, I drove down Sunday after church.
We had two weeks in a row of talks on "Making the Sabbath a Holy Day."
Speaker that day discussed making it the best it can be,
and "different" (reverently memorable) if you (think you) have to do
something normally nonSabbath.

My making it different choice was listening to the Sounds of Sunday the whole way.
When it faded out, "seek" always found it full force again!
Siri took notes for me of ideas for future music.
One was "I Believe in Christ" on clarinet.
We have a clarinet player in our ward - just need the Spirit (or a neighbor)
to let me know if she's good enough!  ;^)
The hours flew by and after I arrived at the Courtyard Marriott
I finished off my edibles - PBJ, cookies, nuts and dried fruit.

 One of the nights was a poster session.
 These were ours.  Note the truck wrap.
(ITSMeals Provo on Facebook.)
 That is a scratch turkey turnover and yes, it is on our cycle menus.
(Asparagus in season if it's not outrageous.)
Kids actually rave about the asparagus, especially secondary students.
(We oven roast it and drizzle with olive oil.)
 Last summer's guest speaker for our cooks who spoke on
the concept of seeking excellence and not giving up.
(He was cut from team tryouts 7th and 8th grades,
and said he didn't "blossom" until towards the end of his junior year.)
(That's me in the snip up top.)
 Our schools who made the most of this year's CNP sports theme,
Beyonce's Move Your Body:
Move It!

The next night was a fun night - dinner at Texas Roadhouse with Jewel.
My biannual steak.  ;^) (Maddox each October.)

Stopped at the office on the way back Thursday evening,
to drop all the loot off
sans projected wetness. (See the rainbow?)
Per the weather, it was supposed to be dicey
Friday morning, but as usual, this winter, it was dry.
(December was the driest on record.)

Monday, January 16, 2012

There's a flag, courtesy of the Scouts, on my lawn today.
Which reminds me of this recent shot as I was leaving Walker's in Pleasant Grove.
 "When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain..."
Above, from my driveway.
Below, earlier the same night, Provo Canyon from State Street.
(My parents used to harmonize this song,
watching the moon rise while sitting on a garden bench.)
To hear all of it:
Kate Smith